Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Troublesome Compulsion

I own a pink cellphone. There, I've said it. Aye, tis me secret shame. Ever since I received it as a hand-me-down, my pink Razr V3 has been both a treasure and an embarrassment. It's kind of dinged up, the camera is shot, and it's pink. I hope to remedy at least one of those problems tonight.

As of this moment, I have been in the process of spontaneously disassembling it with the hopes of repairing the camera, cleaning it, and getting an idea of its inner workings so that I may more effectively paint or re-house it. So, a quick couple lists to give you an idea of what's going on here:

Non-standard tools I keep in my electronic/PC repair kit:
-Very small, moderately powerful magnet
---Prefect for attracting and even loosening small or stubborn screws lost in deep crevices of parts

-Winn Dixie Customer Reward Card, dated 2001
---Applied for under pain of ejection from my first job. Excellent prier-apart of tiny, fiddly bits.

-Re-purposed toothbrush
---The thing people do to computers...

Things I have learned from gutting the Razr:
-Taking apart a cellphone is, in many ways, less finicky than taking apart a laptop. On the one hand, you're working on a much smaller scale, but on the other, you've got less shit to break.
-Cellphones get damn grody inside. Your ears are filthy things, and you should feel great shame.
-Relatedly, it is entirely possible for pubic hair to become lodged inside a cellphone. You hear that, Aunt Carol? You effectively mail three of your pubes to my poor old mother.

Now, on to experimentation. Since I've gently cleaned the grimy keypad and innards, my mind turns to thoughts of mischief. I think the easiest and least harmful modification would be to add some color to the keypad. If I had some very thin plastic gift wrap, I'd be all set. However, before I go so far as to acquire some, I may dab a bit of dry-erase marker onto the back of one key. In theory, it should come right off. In practice, who cares if I eternally have on funny-colored key on my pink cellphone? Hm. Nah. I'll wait until I can get a new keypad.

So, the phone is back together. The operation was a success, and the patient is recuperating on its charger.

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